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Techwiz LCD 3D Display panel design and analysis software
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1. Introduction 
Tecwiz LCD 3D is the world best 3D simulation software for LCD design, which can be used for LCD, TFT simulation, panel, optics, pixel design and electrical performance simulation. As a software that can fully simulate liquid crystal displays, it can achieve comprehensive simulation analysis functions in teaching and scientific research.
1.1 Application
Tecwiz LCD 3D can help users complete design, simulation and testing for LCD£º
Import and export GDS file£»
3D structure design, including mask design and adaptive mesh generation£»
Liquid crystal simulation (TN, VA, IPS, FFS, ASV, blue phase and other drive modes)£»
Optical simulation (transmittance, brightness, contrast, colorimetry, etc.)£»
Optimum design of electrode£»
Defect analysis of LCD£»
Development of novel LCD£»
1.2 Features
TechWiz DB is unified database management program£¬include Material DB¡¢Layer DB¡¢Light Source DB¡¢Signal DB¡¢Gray Scale DB¡¢TFT Model DB. User can define, edit, save database on user-friendly GUI of the program¡£
Powerful design functions & easy to define 3D structure(Overetch / Unselective Etch / Rounding / Digitize / Taper Models / CD Margin / Planarization / Reflow / Trenching)£¬high-speed and stable mesh generation algorithm£¬and there is a built-in Layout module that can design and draw the structure by yourself£»
The Layout module uses a simple setting mode to provide users with quick setting and checking of the generated 3D structure£»
Dynamic analysis of liquid crystal, calculation of liquid crystal orientation characteristics under voltage and time conditions, and support simulation of coupling voltage£»
Anchoring Strength can be set for anchoring energy analysis
Pertrubation can be set to simulate the initial state of the liquid crystal in a disturbance mode
Users can set the criteria for determining the saturation state of the liquid crystal by themselves (Saturation Condition)
Simulation of Flexoelectric effect and Charge Impurity
Voltage simulation conditions(DC, Signal, Sweep, Floating ect.)
Saturated and unsaturated analysis modes can be selected for liquid crystal analysis (Saturation)
Transmittance, reflectance,brightness,contrast, viewing angle, wavelength dispersion, response time, polarization state, color performance and other optical performance simulations for LCD. Can simulate penetration, reflection and transflective mode£»
3D finite element method numerical engine£¬automatic equivalent circuit generation by mask pattern analysis£»
Electrical parasitics extraction£¬generation of SPICE netlist file for circuit simulation£»
Static image reproduction simulator for LCD panel£ºGamma Correction, Gamma Shift. Can check the color performance, gray inversion, color inversion, color shift on the static image£»
Visualization and data analysis. Various CIE chart and data analysis£¬OpenGL graphics with high speed data processing£»
Flicker analysis;
Can set and simulate light leakage at large viewing angle (Quasi-3D)£»
E-Jones, Berreman, Mueller matrix solvers£»
The special Viewer module can support the animation video output of the simulation results, and can easily capture the simulation data and export to Excel£»
Track the change data of specific potential, electric field, and N value¡£
Tracking, extracting and comparing the transmittance and other data of different areas or different positions on a simulation structure
1.3 Application examples
Techwiz LCD 3D supports taper settings of structure, including Un-tapered, Linear, Sinusoidal, Reverse Sinusoidal, S-shape, Elliptical, Reverse Elliptical

Optical property analysis for OLED display

Color analysis(dark state) of OLED panel

Ray tracing for LC lens

Flexoelectric effect

Consideration of lossy dielectrics

Analysis of fringe field effect on microdisplay between neighboring pixels

Texture pattern analysis for touching event

Electro-optical property analysis according to the localized ion quantity in a cell

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