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Virtuallab Fusion-Fast physical optics software
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VirtualLab Fusion provides both ray tracing and a smart approach to physical optics modeling, field tracing, which produces fast and accurate results. VirtualLab Fusion pioneered the introduction of field tracing technology. The optical system is decomposed into different areas, and each area is solved by a specific Maxwell solver.
Each region's solution will be interconnected by non-sequential field traces to achieve Maxwell's equations for the entire system.
It is preferred to model in the k domain.
Through the new Fourier transform algorithm, the number of light field sampling points should be reduced as much as possible.
First, it uses the ray tracing method to study the basic performance of your optical system, and then switch to field tracing to fast obtain other information of field values, such as light intensity, phase, polarization, coherence, interference, and diffraction effects and so on.
Highlights and Benefits
•Physical optics modeling often as fast as ray tracing.
•Automatic modeling selection enables physical optics modeling as easy as the application of ray tracing. 
•Easy switching between ray tracing and physical optics modeling. 
•Inclusion of Maxwell solvers for gratings, diffractive lenses and HOEs on planar and curved surfaces. 
•Full flexibility of non-sequential modeling configuration including all or a customized selection of surfaces and gratings orders. 
•Design of diffractive lenses with fabrication data export.
•Switching between sequential and non-sequential modeling forth and back in the same system setup.
•Sophisticated source models including lasers, laser diodes with astigmatism, VCSELs, LEDs, partially coherent, fs pulse and x-ray sources.
•Unsurpassed flexibility to define detector functions including energy quantities, polarization, coherence, spatiotemporal fs pulse quantities, amplitude and phase, dot diagrams, wavefront error, and aberrations.
•Integration of customized sources, surfaces, media, detectors and user-defined physical models in ray tracing and physical optics without mentionable reduction of modeling performance.

Virtuallab Fusion enables beam shaping using free surfaces, diffractive beam splitters and pattern generators, diffusers and conventional array micro-optical elements(not only microlens arrays )
It thoroughly researches imaging quality and resolution limitations of interferometers, spectrometers, and conventional or structured lighting microscopes through fast physical optics
The lens system is modeled by fast physical optics. Systems that include ghost images and partial coherence can also provide reliable PSF/MTF assessments. The system can include gratings, holographic optical elements, and diffractive lenses.
Fast physical optics can efficiently model laser sources, diffraction, interference, polarization, and nonlinear effects while using any beam parameters of interest
Virtuallab Fusion can perform non-sequential modeling of multi-channel waveguide imaging systems and evaluate wavefront difference, energy flow, and PSF/MTF for VR, AR, and MR equipment.

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