LightTrans announces new partnership with Iris AO and Simphotek & Photonics West
Author: InfoCrops   Time: 2015-2-9 09:32:50

LightTrans is proud to announce the new partnership with Iris AO and Simphotek. Both initiatives enable new optical design solutions, see the attached news sheets with detailed information. We invite you to visit us at Photonics West at the booth 4601-49 in the German Pavilion in order to learn more about features and your benefits.

Iris AO Inc. based in Berkeley, CA, manufactures small-scale, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)-based deformable mirrors (DM) and adaptive optics systems that offer radical advantages in cost, size, durability, flexibility, and power consumption. Iris AO and LightTrans have partnered to integrate the optics design software VirtualLab into Iris AO deformable mirrors to provide advanced control and simulation features in your optical setup. The new Iris-VirtualLab feature allows shaping mirrors in zonal and modal modes, as well as shaping for beam correction, beam splitting, and other beam converting applications. The combination of VirtualLab and Iris AO systems make adaptive optics (AO) practical for a host of new applications, including astronomy, retinal and biomedical imaging, beam shaping, portable laser communications, and horizontal-path imaging.
Simphotek Inc. is a NJ based Photonics technology company. Simphotek believes that photonics materials development demands better tools for modeling light-matter interactions for materials fabrication and data analysis. Simphotek first product, SimphoSOFT® is a GUI driven application platform, using a CAD environment, that embodies this methodology and relies upon a small set of possible photo-physical interactions handled within the software as Transition Modules. Transition Modules can be used to "construct" a nearly unlimited number of photonic interactions schemes for modeling. Integrating SimphoSOFT with VirtualLab enables unlimited flexibility to simulate and design passive and active devices. SimphoSOFT modules focus on complex nonlinear interactions of light with gain or highly absorptive materials while VirtualLab offers a powerful field tracing design tool for modeling devices.

Simphotek offers a

Free Webinar “Modeling of active components and devices - Integrate SimphoSOFT active modeling into VirtualLab” on February 19 with 3 sessions to cover participants from many different Time Zones.

Please follow the link for registration and to get more information.

LightTrans offers a

Free workshop: “Waveoptical simulation and design of laser systems using VirtualLab” on Friday, February 13, 2015 (the day after the Photonics West trade show) 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM, in Mountain View, California (Silicon Valley).

Do not hesitate to arrange an appointment with us for the Photonics West trade show or contact us by email. We invite you to discuss your requirements and technical questions concerning our developments for optical modeling, design and hardware interfaces.