New Features and Applications
Author: InfoCrops   Time: 2013-4-2 09:32:50

Module for 2D-Pulse Evaluation Along z

(June, 2013) LightTrans developed a module that can be used to evaluate ultrashort pulses along the z-axis. This evaluation is done a) separately for each wavelength of the pulse and b) for different times. [more...]

Rigorous Analysis of Gratings with VirtualLab™ and JCMsuite

(May, 2013) Recently, a cooperation between LightTrans GmbH and JCMwave GmbH, one of the leading developers of Finite Element Methods (FEM) for optical simulations, has been started. [more...]

Transversal mode analysis and output power calculation for stable, unstable and ring resonators

(May, 2013) Based on field tracing, VirtualLab provides a plenty of different vectorial simulation techniques like wave-optical free-space propagation techniques, split-step method, geometrical optics, Collins integral and many more for the eigenmode analysis of resonators. [more...]

Spatiotemporal Modeling of Femtosecond Pulses with VirtualLab™

(May, 2013) VirtualLab allows the fast generation of the spatiotemporal distribution of ultrashort pulses by different pulse data generators or by import of pulse data. The pulse tracing through homogeneous media takes the material as well as angular dispersion fully into account. [more...]

Flexible Positioning of Optical Components with VirtualLab™

(May, 2013) LightTrans VirtualLab™ 5.8 enables the approximated and rigorous simulation of the light refraction, diffraction and reflection at tilted optical elements. [more...]

Maximum flexibility by integration of user defined MATLAB® and C# code into VirtualLab™

(May, 2013) VirtualLab allows one to add user defined modeling techniques providing the most flexible and powerful field tracing experience ever. User defined solutions are based on programmable sources, components and detectors which can be used together with all modeling solutions already delivered with VirtualLab. [more...]